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About Gabriel Miller

Hello, I'm Gabriel Miller and welcome to Local Rank Ninja.

I'm an SEO expert and business coach with a passion for technology and marketing, using my skills to help business owners grow their traffic and sales.

I've been running and ranking local businesses since I was 15 and have been obsessed with learning and mastering SEO for over a decade.

I started Local Rank Ninja in 2021 to help aspiring SEOs and business owners alike to dominate in Google results so they can achieve the results they want with their online marketing.

The mission of Local Rank Ninja is to empower one thousand local business owners and SEOs to rank #1 in Google using my SEO blueprint.

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Local SEO Shuriken

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Local SEO Shuriken

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Local SEO Shuriken is a proven roadmap of what has enabled hundreds of local businesses to dominate Google and outrank their competitors that you can easily implement too.

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What My Students Are Saying...

"Local SEO Shuriken has been the best resource for my business. I am currently ranking my clients #1 for almost all of their preferred keywords. Awesome course that delivers real results!"

Jeff Wagner


Julia Sayre

"As a new business owner I was overwhelmed after realizing I didn't have any web traffic. Gabriel really helped give me guidance so I could spend my time working on things that mattered."

Julia Sayre


Philip Davis

"My business sells specialized equipment and it was a real challenge to get sales. Thanks to Local SEO Shuriken, I'm now able to sit back and have the right people come to my website. Truly amazing!"

Philip Davis


Kristen Harper

"All of your courses are fantastic. You are underselling the tremendous value that is here and should be charging a lot more. I am very satisfied and looking forward to continue working with you."

Kristen Harper