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Our goal with our blog is to provide high quality, helpful content that gives practical information to business owners, digital marketers, and SEOs to help them grow their businesses using Google. 

Here are guidelines for content:

  • Original - Content must be 100% original. We do not accept duplicate content. Plagiarized content will NOT be accepted.
  • Tone - Content must be helpful, upbeat, friendly, and positive. Be personable, and write as if you were talking to a close friend.
  • Topic - Keep in mind our blog is about SEO. Any submitted content should stay on topic and have to do with Search Engine Optimization in some way.

We only publish content that is of the highest quality on Make sure to take a look at already existing content on our blog before filling out the form below. High quality content means using proper grammar, English, capitalization, and easy to read. If your content doesn't meet our standards, we will not accept it.

In order to write for Local Rank Ninja, you must know your stuff.

We like content that is naturally good for organic search because people would want to link to it. Overly optimized content or spammy content will not be accepted.

Word Count: Your post must be at least 1,000 words minimum.

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If You Are Accepted: We do not compensate guest posters or writers. Because of this, we allow 2 links back to your website or products, a bio, and social media links in published content. Bios should be kept brief and around 4-5 sentences maximum. A picture can be included in your bio. Bios will be put at the bottom of content posted.

We Appreciate Contributors: We appreciate anyone who submits high quality content to be published. While we would love to connect and talk to you about your content, there are times when our team is flooded with submissions. We may not always have an opportunity to reach out to you. Our editors will carefully review every article that is submitted and approved ones will be put on schedule to be posted.

Before submitting your content to Local Rank Ninja: Please read our Terms of Use. Also understand that our editors have the right to refuse any articles that don't meet our standards for publishing on our website.

Why Write For Local Rank Ninja?

Here are some of the reasons why you should write content on our SEO blog:

  • Be a guiding voice for struggling business owners
  • Help those passionate about marketing succeed 
  • Connect with our worldwide readers
  • Get a high quality backlink (helps your SEO)
  • Promote your website, blog, product, or service
  • Gain valuable writing experience (can use in a guest posting portfolio)
  • Help boost your business by getting your name out there (helps with EAT)
  • Our editors will optimize your heading to rank in Google search
  • Be featured on our website, social media, and email list

Your post must contain accurate information. (Know your stuff!)

Guest Posting Tips

  1. Choose a topic you're passionate about. Great content is naturally written when it is something you love talking about and are knowledgeable about. Write your article as if you were explaining the topic to your friend or family. 
  2. Keep it simple. Think about what you want to convey and keep your wording simple. Try to avoid any overly complicated words or complex language. Make sure to proofread and edit your content before submitting it to us.
  3. Make sure your content provides value. Ask yourself the important question: "Is this content solving the problem or question people are searching for?" If the answer is undoubtedly yes, than the content meets the quality standards we are looking for here at Local Rank Ninja.
  4. Does your content provide actionable advice? Your content should give readers real world, practical information that can help them with their SEO endeavors. Explain "how" to do what you are talking about in your post.
  5. Cite your sources. If you are using statistics, facts, or information from studies it is paramount you link to the resources you obtained this information from. This keeps our content fact checked and our readers can connect the dots and confirm that what they are reading is indeed accurate and true.

Questions To Ask Yourself Before Submitting Your Content:

  • Is your post informative and fun to read?
  • Is your post original content you yourself have written?
  • Does your message and advice align with's principals and values?
  • Have you posted on previously?
  • Does your content's headline grab the attention of our readers and website visitors?
  • Do you have a featured image to include with your content? (Landscape images work best!)
  • Is your content optimized for SEO?

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